HAIR OILING, A SIMPLE WEEKLY ROUTINE for healthy glossy hair

Did you know that a healthy scalp equals healthy, glossy hair?

Hair Oiling is a long held Ayurvedic practice and a tradition in India where every woman’s hair is super lustrous and silken.

Now it’s big news and trending on social media.  And there’s a reason, it works wonders, has unlimited benefits and is very relaxing.

While we all know beautiful hair is a status symbol, however keeping it that way with constant styling, chemical processes including colouring, curling and/or straightening can weaken the hair’s roots, cause dryness, dandruff and make the hair lifeless, dull and brittle.  Outside elements, particularly UV rays is another culprit that damages the hair.   So an oiling treatment is essential to scalp and hair health.

A weekly hair oiling is simple and takes just minutes. It’s not a matter of just soaking the scalp and hair in oil.  The art of massage using the fingertips is just as important.

Massaging oil into the scalp helps boost circulation, which takes oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, it conditions the scalp, reduces dandruff and flakiness, strengthens hair roots, reduces hair fall, stimulates hair growth, guards against premature greying, eases frizz, replenishes dryness, reduces brittleness and split ends, increases hair lustre and manageability and leaves hair silken and soft.

It also helps relax the mind and relieve everyday stress.

Treat your scalp and hair before showering in the morning, at night or make it your Saturday routine using one of our herbal oils ~ Brahmi, Neelini or our all-rounder, Herbal Hair Oil.

Apply the Hair Oil and gently massage in, comb through to the ends of the hair before showering or taking a bath, leaving it in for 30 minutes.

You can also apply, massage in and leave on overnight.   Be sure to cover your pillow with a hand towel.  In the morning simply shampoo out as normal using a natural hair cleanser.   Strands will be super soft, silky and shiny afterwards.

Team your hair oil routine with one of our shampoos ~ Amla, Green Apple or Henna.

Our Hair Oils:

Brahmi Oil:

Combines Brahmi, Gota Kola, Ashwaghanda and Valerian to reduce hair concerns associated with stress while promoting relaxation.   A perfect night-time remedy for the hair and the mind.

Neelini Oil:

A nourishing oil to help prevent hair loss and dandruff, boost strong growth and hair thickness.  It is also beneficial in treating head lice, the formula blends Hibiscus and Aloe..

Herbal Hair Oil:

Fenugreek and Amla in a base of Sesame Oil boosts hair lustre and scalp health.  Ideal for sun damaged, chemically treated, out of control and extremely dry hair.