Protective Base

The OmVeda protective base are like a mineral make up base and be worn under make up. They have a little zinc which helps to protect from the sun in combination with cooling herbs. Our Ayurvedic formulations are made from the purest herbs. The Sandalwood Protective Base, a combination of sandalwood and seeds of the sacred lotus which has a cooling effect. Created especially for sensitive and problem skins, it acts as a hide and heal conceal base. It protects the skin. Sandalwood and natural zinc has antipollution and sun protective qualities. It can be used as a foundation, and takes on the individual colour of the skin. The Natural Sun Protection, an ayurvedic preparation enriched with botanical goodness, especially formulated to protect skin from the sun. Note: This product has not been tested for SPF or UV protection factors. Do not use as a sun block. Silk Screen, a light frothy cream with a non-oily base. It is enriched with the natural goodness of sandalwood and rose and can be used on its own for oily skin or with a moisturiser for dry skin to keep hydrated all day long.