Face Masks Treatments

In Ayurveda lepam means the localised application of herbal paste, and Mukha means Face. Herbal pastes are called Kalka in Ayurveda. Kalka is one of five methods. The others are – juice extract, decoction, cold and hot infusions. In Ayurveda, herbal pastes are used both for internal and external use. In the case of ayurvedic face masks they are kalkas made specifically for different skin conditions. As example the Clove Acne Mask is for acne, the Fruit Mask for Oily skin, Mango Mask for dry pigmented skin. Given the natural organic nature of ayurvedic face masks, it is important to care for your masks. If they are starting to get a little dry, add a little food grade Aloe Juice or Rose water to keep the mask moist.