Day Moisturisers

Made to authentic Ayurvedic herbal beauty recipes our Moisturisers nurture and nourish the complexion, maintain moisture levels and leave skin soft, healthy and supple.  We have a range of moisturisers to suit different skin conditions.  Our Creams and Lotions do not have water in them, so can appear thick. To get the most of our moisturisers we suggest dotting the face with a little cream, use wet hands to massage the cream on your face. Some skin will love the thick consistency.  The key is start with a little and add more if you need to. You will get used to what your skin needs. We always recommend using upward strokes to massage as this helps to prevent the skin from sagging. Diamond Cream for reduces fine lines, rejuvenates and enhances tone. Gold Day Cream for dry sallow skins in need of a glow with 24K food-grade Gold Leaf to brighten and soften. Honey Sandalwood Moisturiser for normal and dry types offers intense nourishment, boosts elasticity and reduces finer lines.  Pearl Cream containing pure Ash of Pearls, tackles pigmentation and dark spots, refines texture and enhances radiance.  Saffron Oil for reduces facial tension, restores a natural glow and minimises scarring.  Date Enriched Moisturiser for normal, oily and sensitive skin.  This lighter lotion sinks in on contact, prevents moisture loss and softens.  Silver Day Cream for sensitive and inflammatory types with cooling properties of pure Silver to soothe, calm redness and reduce inflammation.  Strawberry Cream for normal to dry skins, stimulates circulation and hydrates.