Ayurvedic Cleansers are formulated not only to cleanse your face but also start the process of nourishing and softening. Each cleanser is a specific combination of herbs to help cleanse and condition the skin. As an example the Cream Soap which is a cream but used like a soap is formulated with cloves, clove, almond oil, white sandalwood powder, winter cherry and is antibacterial which means it is best used for skin that is oily, acneic or prone to breakouts. The Aloe Cleanser is a luxuriously thick cleanser which includes orange and lemon peel and is excellent for removing make up and leaving the skin soft and smooth. We recommend removing our cleansers with an OmVeda Toner to thoroughly remove all residue and pave the way to applying your cleanser, face oil,  night cream or just let the skin breathe. For those who prefer an easy to use slightly foaming cleanser try the antibacterial Neem Facial Wash or Vetiver Facial wash which can be used for all skin types.