Face Scrubs

Traditionally the face and body are exfoliated using a combination of herbs and grains ground to a semi fine powder called Ubtans.  They are 100% natural cleansers that have been used for removing built up grime on the skin’s surface, which helps to keep the skin smooth, blemish free and radiant.  OmVeda has two Scrubs which are Ubtans – Scrub Grains for Oily skin made from ingredients like wheat, barley, lemon and orange peel to deeply clean, remove dirt and impurities, blackheads, blemishes, scars and freckling. Gold Scrub a finer powder which has finely crushed almonds, walnuts, gold leaf which helps to gently remove excess built in grime leaving the skin silky smooth and clean. It suits normal to dry skin.  To use an ubtan it is best to mix the powder with your OmVeda Toner to make a paste or wet your face, take a little powder on your palms and compress on your face – exfoliate.

For those who prefer a more convenient and quick way to exfoliate the ever popular Walnut Scrub is the answer. It is suited to dry, dull and mature skin. The go-to for a seamless skin, this classic ready-to-use Scrub is formulated with minute particles of walnut shell and wheatgerm to buff away dullness, rose and almond oil to keep the perfect balance of nourishment and leave the complexion baby smooth.