The OmVeda spa rituals incorporate face, hair and body treatments and massage true to ancient Ayurvedic techniques that offers all the benefits of this highly reputed healing system.

OmVeda Signature treatments are formulated to detox, nourish and rejuvenate face, body and hair at all levels providing a complete mind, body and spirit experience. Totally natural treatments combining specific herbal blends for everyskin conditions. Many of the treatments combine fresh raw ingredients like carrots, cucumber, potatoe, yoghurt, milk and honey to make fresh herbal pastes. The benenfit of fresh ingredients combined with power of herbs rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals results in naturally giving the skin and hair  rejuvenation and marked improvement.

Timeless in its skin refining benefits, it is absolute in body therapy and combines an uplifting massage, exfoliation and mask or wrap that helps the skin regain its vitality, stimulates circulation  improving the quality and texture of skin and the elimination of impurities.

A spiritual and cultural symbol, the OmVeda concept of beauty and health surpasses all trends and is suitable for all ages.

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All OmVeda products are formulated from the bases of the Vedic Scriptures and traditional health and beauty recipes that have been used for over 5,000 years. Not tested on animals, free of chemicals and preservatives.

OmVeda Ayurvedic Facials


Mango Moisturising Thermal Face Lift
A richly Moisturising Treatment combining an exotic combination of herbs custom blended with fresh cucumber, carrots and potatoe to nourish the skin. Rich in natural enzymes which soften the skin, this is excellent for dry pigmented skin and helps improve elasticity. The treatment starts with a herbal mask mixed with fresh yoghurt to remove impurities, soften and smooth the skin. The second mask is the intoxicating Mango Mask which is  infused by a firming  Thermal Mask which helps to tighten the skin and reduce fine lines. Included is a rejuvenating face, hand and foot massage to create a truly unique experience.

Thermo-Herbal Face Lift
A powerful firming treatment that tightens loose skin and promotes cell respiration and renewal. Heat is produced using a Thermo-Herbal mask at an ideal temperature which enhances absorption, sculpting facial contours, reducing wrinkles and improving muscle tone and elasticity. Skin impurities are drawn out leaving the pores deeply cleansed, stimulating circulation and improves cellular function.

This facial is designed according to specific dosha and skin requirements. A hair and scalp treatment and relaxing hand and foot massage using customised oils, herbs and lotions is included in this sensory journey of rebalancing your energy. Take time out to experience a facial treatment using two customised face masks designed especially for you. A truly unique experience at every level.

24 Carat Gold 
Pure Gold is used for uplifting the spirits, has warming qualities which increases circulation. Gold is used to rejuvenate the skin giving back its lustre and glow. It is also ideal for dry and mature skin. An Ayurvedic Marma point facial massage is incorporated to enhance the circulatory properties of the 24 Carat Gold. This treatment is wonderful for tired stressed skin giving it a radiant glow and natural beauty.

Diamond Dreams 
Like an elixir of youth for timeless beauty, the OmVeda Diamond Dreams Facial helps counter the laws of gravity and incorporates the OmVeda Signature Facial massage to give mature skin the boost it needs to regain its vibrance and radiance. Totally indulgent and a powerful age-defying treatment, it uses pure Diamond Ash as the key component and teams up with an exclusive complex of herbs to help skin in need of repair, kick starting cellular metabolism, stimulating collagen production, oxygenating and minimising finer lines and wrinkles. Freshening the skin, it instantly lifts lack lustre complexions and improves the overall health of the complexion.


All Skin Types

Skin Rejuvenator

This treatment is beneficial for skin that suffers from pigmentation, scarring or dullness. The application of specially selected Ayurvedic herbs made into a fresh mask gently repairs damaged skin, and gives elasticity to the skin. Massage of hands and feet focusing on vital energy points called marmas helps to release stress. Skin emerges feeling soft, smooth and nourished



Pure Silver 
Pure Silver has cooling properties and is used for treating skin that is prone to redness, inflammation or sensitive to heat. A gentle facial massage and rejuvenation treatment soothes your skin. Cool compresses of Silver Toner and cucumber mixed with Silver Gel provides a sensory journey. Skin is hydrated and calmed.


Royal Pearl 

The OmVeda Royal Pearl Facial is a double mask facial that also combines a skin rejuvenating massage using herbs and rare Pearl Ash and a final surrender to tranquillity with a soul soothing hand and foot massage and wrap.

Creating absolute luminosity, with an immediate effect in just one treatment, it cools and calms, acts on capillaries, revives tired, dull and dry skin, greatly increases radiance, lightening hyper-pigmented areas, refines skin texture and restores an even tone.

An excellent rejuvenator while helping to minimise expression lines, Pearl Ash is rich in calcium, valuable minerals and amino acids, to aid in strengthening the skin’s cell structure, speed up the skin’s metabolism, reducing redness, minimising pores and also helps to heal blemishes.

Pigmentation/Post Acne Scarring

 Veg Peel 

Targets the stubborn signs of pigmentation such as brown spots and darker markings (from sun exposure, pregnancy and hormonal changes) and freckling.  It  minimises scarring, boosts clarity, tone, texture, suppleness and smoothness.

Grains of Wheat, Barley and Rye contain Azelaic Acid, a potent component to address darker patches, accelerate cell renewal and brighten.  It is blended with organic yoghurt to trigger its vital properties.  The natural enzymes found in the yoghurt/milk activate the herbs.


Purifying Clove Intensive

A facial specifically designed for skin suffering from the effects of excess oil, acne and rash. Cloves are renowned for their germicidal,  soothing and antispetic properties. Clove Purifying facial helps to heal the skin, reduces acne and balances oil flow. A thermal mask is applied on top of the clove mask to intensify the healing process.


Strawberry Delight

Combines freshly picked Strawberries, rich in Vitamin C and Salycilic Acid to eliminate dead surface cell build up and Ayurvedic herbs of Sacred Lotus, Almond Oil and Zinc to smooth, deeply nourish and renew thirsty skins.

Stimulating blood circulation to the capillaries and encouraging underlying moisture and nutrients to the upper layers of the skin for increased hydration, freshness and suppleness. Not recommended for sensitive skins.


Body Rejuvenation

Warm herbalised oil specifically selected to balance and nurture is gently streamed over your body prior to an indulgent marma point massage which will help release everyday stresses. Customized herbal powders are then sprinkled on the oil followed by an energetic exfoliation. The treatment awakens the cells, removes impurities, improves circulation, improves skin texture and leaves  you feeling energized and regenerated.

Body Detox – Detoxifying, Toning + Smoothing

Stimulating circulation, refining skin texture, smoothing down the orange peel effect increasing tissue metabolism and eliminating wastes and toxins.  Includes a relaxing Signature Massage to enhance elasticity and muscle flexibility, improve energy flow, encourages lymphatic balance leaving the skin revitalized and nourished, smooth and radiant.

It features a unique Body Mask of Turmeric, Orange Peel, Red and White Sandalwood Powder to purify, decongest, polish away dry surface skin and encourage oxygen and nutrients to the surface of the skin.


The journey to bliss begins with a 45 minute Marma point massage using specific Ayurvedic herbal oils for your constitution.

Foloowed by Shirodhara treatment where warm herbalised oil is poured in a steady stream over your forehead and hair which is extremely beneficial in reducing stress,  improving sleep patterns and impart a sense of wellbeing. Shirodhara is renowned for its ability to release serotonin and impart a feeling of total wellbeing. The ritual extends to a head and neck massage to complete your journey into a truly blissful state.

Pranic Balance

Focusing on the vital energy points in the body this treatment helps when your Prana (vital life force energy) needs to be rebalanced. The feet are annointed in  warm rose water and freshly picked fragrant flowers. A full body Marma point massage with specifically blended herbalised Ayurvedic oils will help to release blocked energy and restore vitality. A stream of warm tridoshic  oil is poured slowly over your forehead stimulating your (third eye) chakra, calming the nerves and imparting a deep sense of relaxation. The treatment ends with a omshiro ritual (head massage)You will feel balanced and refreshed at every level.

OmShiro Stress Buster: Hair and Scalp Treatment
Indians are renownd for their thick and lustrous hair. The regular use  of herbalised oils helps to keep the sclap healthy, calm the mind and release tension. Selected Hair Oil is wamred and gently massaged into the scalp, focussing on vital energy points that help to release stress and increase circulation to the scalp.  The hair is wrapped in a warm towel for 30minutes to allow the properties of the herbs to infuse into the scalp. This is followed by a preselected Herbal Hair Mask and washed off with pure herbal shampoos suited to your hair. The treatment helps to stimulate the circulation, promote hair growth, eliminate scalp dryness and release stress.

Barefoot Beauty

Take the plunge with feet you are proud to show off!  The OmVeda Hot Honey Pedi is a 45 minute therapeutic foot treat that deep cleanses and purifies, stimulates and revives while luxuriously pampering and completely spoiling tired tootsies. Restoring feet to their former glory, this totally organic treat whisks away dead surface cells, softens dry and roughened areas and nourishes with a super hydrating warm honey wrap that infuses goodness deep down, fortifying the skin while lifting tone and texture.

Feet are bathed in a blend of vetiver, soap pod, soap nut and zinc, to cleanse and purify while helping to minimize irritations, towel dried and spritzed with the OmVeda Rose Toner, a natural anti oxidant and rich source of Vitamin C to help counteract dryness ~ exfoliated with Honey Withania Body Polish which improves blood circulation, rejuvenates inactive cells and gives a new found feel and smoothness.  This herbal combination features honey, aloe, almond and wheatgerm plus fresh organic figs, winter cherry and walnut buff away dead surface cells.

Kizhi means a bundle of herbs. Vata disorders affect joints, muscles and mobility. A therapeutic bundle of herbs are selected for their ability to reduce aches and pains from arthritis, rheumatic joint pain, swelling and sprains before being soaked in warm herbal oils and applied over the body.

UDHHVARTHANAM “To raise or elevate”
Designed to induce perspiration, initiate weight loss, improve skin complexion and better the mobility of body joints. A fine medicated powder is applied over the body before being infused deep into the skin through a vigorous massage.

V Series – A range of Vegan Therapies for Face + Hair

Vegan clients welcome OmVeda’s innovative V Series –Face and Hair Therapies, customised to every skin condition and concern.

Getting the skin back to glowing and youthful condition, these face and hair treatments feature eco-friendly and purely organically grown herbs and other natural ingredients.

We use traditional Ayurvedic actives to unlock the secret to natural beauty.  With purity at our core, OmVeda offers down to earth solutions to nurture those Vegan clients, exclusively, so they can achieve a radiant skin and maintain total wellness.

Wholesome and unpolluted, the new V Series Face and Hair Treatments contain no beeswax, animal by-products such as dairy, synthetic preservatives or artificial colouring.  They are NOT tested on animals.  OmVeda supports small farmers and their sustainability principles.

The V Series is formulated for every skin type and condition and include:


V Series Thermo Herbal works like a mini face lift to firm and tighten, reduce wrinkling and sun damage, sculpt contours and improve muscle tone and elasticity.  Its unique thermal action offers an immediate vitality boost, improving circulation and cell respiration, drawing out impurities and treating scars and blemishes.  It is rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium and silica, gall oak, rose petal powder and winter cherry.

V Series Diamond is a powerful age-defyer that instantly lifts lack lustre skin, deeply nourishes ageing complexions and improves skin health.  Pure Diamond Ash teams up with an exclusive complex of  herbs to help skin in need of repair, kick start cellular metabolism, stimulate collagen production.


V Series Fruit offers congested skin a new lease on life.  Detoxifying the complexion while refining skin texture and refreshing, this clay based treatment contains Citrus Fruits and Lemon Peel, Bael Fruit for its astringent properties, Almond Oil, high in Vitamin E to soothe and naturally occurring Zinc Oxide and Kaolinum, rich in Silica to help heal and prevent irritation.


V Series Clove reduces breakouts, minimises irritations and regulates oil production.  Leaving the skin clean and refreshed, its deep cleansing formula includes Cloves for their powerful anti-septic qualities that help to heal and soothe breakouts and eruptions and Aswanghanda Root Extract for its rejuvenative and astringent benefits.


V Series Cucumber gently cleanses and cools overheated and more sensitive skins.  Added Wheatgerm Oil ensures suppleness, Bael Fruit evens out skin tone and improves texture while Zinc heals and promotes the health of the skin.


V Series Pearl brightens the complexion, rejuvenates and minimises finer lines.  Key ingredient, Pearl Ash is rich in calcium, valuable minerals and amino acids to strengthen the skin’s cell structure, speed up metabolism, reduce redness and minimise pores.  Cooling and calming it revives tired, dull and dry skin, lightening pigmented areas, refining skin texture and restoring an even tone.

Hair Spa:

V Series customised oils to suit and herbal Hair Mask.

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