Skin Toners

The use of toner as an added step to your skin care regimen help cleanse your skin after washing, but also balance your skin’s pH while working to exfoliate your skin at the same time. When used after cleansing your face and neck , completes the cleansing process. Pollutants, dirt, and grind that remain on your skin at the end of the day are loosened by cleansing but the process is more thorough when using a toner. It helps to tighten the pores, constrict capilleries, soften the skin and remove excess oil.  Toners balance your skin’s pH levels: while toners are used to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and makeup, they are also used to bring the skin back to its neutral pH level. All our Toners are made from traditional Ayurvedic recipes, pure and hand-crafted and are alcohol free​. Some act as exfoliants like our Pigmentation and Blemish Lotion which helps to prevent breakouts and keep blackheads at bay. Toning can allow for better penetration of product ingredients for absorption into your skin like moisturisers or face masks. Our ever popular Rose Toner helps to soften, remove excess grime and keeps blackheads at bay. The Silver Toner helps to clean and also constrict capilleries reducing inflammation and redness. Then Gold Toner helps to clean and increase circulation giving the skin an extra glow. Rose Water is an excellent spritz to help freshen the face and body, set make up and cool.