Brushing the body beautiful

“In true Ayurvedic tradition, Udvartana is a body toning program using a combination of herbal powders and oil on the entire body. The unique ingredients used in the formulation help remove excess fat, fluid and fatigue and tone the skin by kick-starting circulation.” explains Yasmin.

Doing wonders for both body and skin, the Ayurvedic practice of dry body massage has been around for centuries.   It’s beneficial for improved lymphatic flow/drainage, increased circulation, oxygenation of the blood, helping detoxify, improving muscle tone and even improving the appearance of cellulite.

And, like any exfoliation, dry body brushing sloughs away dead surface cells and enhances skin texture.

We have formulated our Udwarthanam Powder, a customised mix of very fine and pure herbs chosen for their specific properties that help elevate and energise the body.  These herbs include Pandanus Odoratissimus (known as Kewra), an aromatic herb that acts as a stimulant, Himalayan Cedar to increase circulation, Nut Grass to kick-start the metabolism, Rubia Crodifolia (Manjishta) an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and Vetiver, helpful in removing excess heat in the body.

All benefits aside, dry body brushing can make us feel invigorated and may be just the key to unlocking glowing, healthy skin!

Our Udwarthanam Powder makes it easy for us to relive this centuries-old beauty ritual at home, with or without a very soft natural fibre brush.

Before shower or bath, pop your favourite OmVeda body oil in a bowl of very warm water, particularly in cooler days.  Apply onto your body and dust our Udwarthanam Powder over the oil. Take your time with the body brushing practice as it is a rejuvenating and relaxing part of the bodycare routine. Use firm massage motions working circular motions.  The massage movements should be aggressive firm and strong enough to be effective and help with circulation, drainage and exfoliation.  This helps promote circulation and breaks down congestion in areas where the lymph flow has become sluggish and where toxins have collected.   After showering be sure to moisturise well so skin absorbs all the benefits.

The combined action of body massage and herbs, both in the body oil and the Udwarthanam Powder, improves surface circulation and encourages elimination of wastes.  It also works to increase nutrients and oxygen to the skin for improved blood flow and, overall, helping the cleansing process.

In addition, our Udwarthanam Powder smooths down rough, scaly and dry patches and refines texture, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Use either Rehydrating Body Lotion Honey Body Lotion to complete.

Become a dry body brushing fan and make it a weekly habit for overall well-being, a beautiful body and a smoother, lustrous skin.