The magic of the Kansa Wand, the benefits are endless.

The beauty and healing of the Kansa Wand are now just being recognised in our world and welcomed into the spa and salon and also at home.

This unique and traditional Ayurvedic massage tool has been used for centuries to harmonise energy points and provide healing for the entire body is still created by artisans today in India.

Traditionally it is just the bowl – called Kansa Vatki. Kansa meaning metal, and Vatki meaning bowl. The bowl is made from three metals – copper, zinc and tin. The bowl is dipped in warm herbalised oil ( to suit your constitution) and massaged into the skin. It can be used on the feet, hands and face. It uses the subtle electrical conductivity of the metal to improve the body’s natural balancing system while supporting overall well-being, health and strength.

The modernistic take on the kansa vatki is The Kansa Wand features a small bowl called a Vatki, which sits on a hand-carved, lacquered wooden handle, designed for easy manoeuvrability over a specific area or areas.

The Kansa works in many ways by helping improve blood and lymphatic flow, aid in mobility, ease pain and, in some cases, promotes a sounder sleep. In addition, it relieves tension and stress.

It can be used on the face, neck, hands, feet or in fact any part of the body using circular, zig-zag and sweeping movements and differing modes of pressure.

Massaging with the Kansa on the face reignites vitality, offers a gentle lifting effect, smooths out and decreases lines and wrinkles, reduces under eye puffiness and overall, revitalises and refreshes the complexion.

It has the power to boost oxygen levels, which in turn allows toxin build up to be released. It can calm inflammation, making it great for after-shaving to soothe the skin. Regular Kansa massage also helps brighten and awaken the skin.

First introduced and used as a foot treatment for its relaxation and harmonising benefits that brought a balance to our doshas, while it revitalised tired feet. Therapists are now incorporating the Kansa Wand into their facial treatments for its effective and incredible results in naturally rejuvenating the complexion and returning a youthful appearance.

The Kansa Wand is designed to be used in conjunction with an oil to give it slip and enhance the benefits of both the herbalised oil and the kansa vatki

Whether in the salon or at home, the Kansa Wand is an invaluable tool.