Treating Pigmentation with our Vegetable Peel Mask

Our Vegetable Peel Mask masterfully targets the signs of hyper-pigmentation we all recognize as brown spots, darker, dusky markings, freckling and other discolourations. In addition, it offers remarkable results in minimising the appearance of scarring (acne, chicken pox etc) and boost suppleness and skin smoothness.

“While wrinkles, dehydration and loss of firmness are still major concerns, pigmentation is an ever-growing complaint for many women.” comments Yasmin.

This specialized Ayurvedic mix of active herbs features key ingredients of Wheat, Barley and Jambul.

This potent mask in powder form is designed to be blended with organic milk or yoghurt to trigger its vital properties. The natural enzymes found in the yoghurt/milk work in synergy to activate the herbs helping to accelerate cell renewal, minimise the appearance of darker patches and brighten the complexion.

While we may be familiar with the many acids that tackle hyper-pigmentation, certain grains such as Wheat, Barley and Rye contain Azelaic Acid, a component that is reported to be beneficial in minimising the appearance of pigmentation, help reduce scarring and acne.

In addition to Wheat and Barley, the OmVeda Vegetable Peel Mask also contains another essential ingredient called Jambul, a recognized high source of Vitamins A and C in addition to Sandalwood, Cinnamon and Nutmeg.

“What makes this Mask so unique is the use of the whole grain rather than a concentrated extract. It is gentle yet effective and 100% natural.”

The Mask delivers noteworthy results in helping brighten the complexion, enhance tone and texture and minimise the appearance of darker patches due to sun exposure, pregnancy or hormonal changes while also promoting skin suppleness and smoothness. The Facial is recommended in a series for best results.

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