We now have a line of pure Vegan personal care products for use at home and a V-Series range of in-salon face and hair therapies.

OmVeda products do not contain animal by-products such as dairy, synthetic preservatives, artificial colouring or fragrances and, of course, are NOT tested on animals. Eco-friendly and purely organically grown herbs and other natural ingredients, OmVeda supports small farmers and their sustainability principles.

Our new Vegan range contains no beeswax.

Made with love and care, wholesome and unpolluted, as with all OmVeda products, we use traditional Ayurvedic formulations to unlock the secret to natural beauty and nurture our Vegan clients to achieve and maintain total wellness.

The Vegan ranges suit every skin and hair type, condition and concern, making it easy to switch your everyday routine.

The latest in our Vegan line up is our Travel Pack for face, body + hair. The pack contains Vetiver Wash, Rose Toner, Saffron Oil, Calming Massage Oil, Green Apple Shampoo + Herbal Hair Oil. Packaged in a wrap pouch made from 100% unbleached, fully washable cotton canvas.

For at home care visit www.omveda.com.au/vegan

For V series Therapies visit www.omveda.com.au/treatments

If you have a question or two, please call us on 1300 662 383, or email [email protected]

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