Pregnancy can cause amazing changes to the body skin and hair – stress and nutritional defencies can rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals, however, generally these conditions are temporary.

Mums to be may notice their hair is drier than normal, brittle, lacking in lustre and in need of a boost – at this special time in a woman’s life extra care is needed to keep it strong, shiny and healthy. OmVeda recommends a traditional Ayurvedic hair routine, which includes a weekly head massage, using the purest of ingredients to return vitality to the hair by stimulating and nourishing hair follicles (which are responsible for the growth of the hair).

The OmVeda line of hair care products are Ayurvedic foods for the hair that contain only genuine Ayurvedic herbs formulated from organically grown leaves, flowers, bark and naturally occurring minerals that are pure and natural, bringing to the hair its own perfect balance and health through correct cleansing, nourishment and protection.

OmVeda’s specialized products do not disturb the delicate ph balance and contain no harmful chemicals. Their properties invigorate lifeless hair and rebuild neglect and damage ensuring natural health, long time resilience and a lustrous shine while at the same time, improving the health of the scalp, which in turn improves the condition of the hair.

In the true Ayurvedic tradition the hair was lavishly pampered, washed in reetha (soap nut) mixed with amla and brahmi to nourish the hair follicles; massaged with precious herbal oils, the primary oil being sesame which was infused with fenugreek, brahmi and amla, again very nourishing. Oils played a vital role in the health of the hair. At home the oil was left in the hair overnight to encourage the oil and herbs to penetrate into the follicles. Hair was washed and dried over incense so that the fragrance stayed in the hair for a number of days. It is no surprise that women and children using this traditional method had such radiant, long thick hair.

For hair any Mum would be proud to show off, OmVeda recommends twice weekly shampoo Amla Shampoo which contains Soap Nut (reetha), Soap Pod and the purest of herbs like amla, brahmi and shikakai for nourishment of the hair follicles. To close the pores and cool the scalp, use OmVeda Hair Tonic daily.

An anti-irritant, Hair Tonic leaves the hair looking naturally healthy, lustrously shiny and silky soft and is an excellent aid to minimizing hair loss. Weekly, gently massage the head and scalp with one of the OmVeda Herbal Sesame Oils infused with fenugreek (rich in iron and phosphates), brahmi and amla or Indian Gooseberry (high in vitamin c) a very nourishing blend. This process promotes hair growth, slows down the graying process and gives a lustrous shine to the hair. It also produces wondrous results in harmonizing the to condition and relaxes the scalp, promotes the health of the hair by improving its condition and strength and, as importantly, produces wondrous results in harmonizing the body’s natural balance helping to relieve stress and tension. Regular scalp massage can also improve concentration, relieve headaches and eyestrain.

Amla Shampoo:
Formulated for dry and dull hair to give maximum life, shine, manageability and added volume. An exquisite and exotic blend of extracts of indian gooseberry (rich in Vitamin C) and arnica which helps to strengthen and alleviate scalp irritations. Follow with Hair Rinse.

Hair Rinse:
Conditioning and softening and restoring moisture and manageability to all hair types (particularly dry, brittle hair) and clearing the hair of product build up while adding softness and silkiness. A miraculous formula that works as a special conditioner for the scalp and hair. It helps to control hair loss, dandruff and premature greying of the hair. A specialised combination of coconut oil, aloe, Brahmi (Indian pennywort) shikakai and amla (very rich in Vitamin C), coconut and other precious herbs which are renowned for their conditioning and nourishing properties. RRP

Hair Tonic:
A non oily tonic that revitalises and restores beauty to the scalp and hair. Prevents and controls hair loss, dandruff, hydrates and smooths dry, brittle hair and is excellent for sensitive scalps that are prone to scalp irritations. Hair Tonic is a true performer in controlling hair loss, dandruff and premature greying. It’s special ingredients comprise triphala, Mint, bael fruit which help to tone and nourish the scalp giving fullness and body. Can be used on coloured and treated hair. A daily treat for the hair, simply spray on the scalp and gently massage

Hair Oil:
A regenerating oil blended with herbal Sesame Oil (which contains two natural anti oxidants); Fenugreek (a powerful anti irritant and rich in phosphates and iron) to promote strong hair and reduce scaliness; Minerals and trace elements. Particularly formulated for dry hair stimulating scalp activity to encourage growth, balance moisture and oil production, nourish the follicles and guard against split ends.

Soothes irritated and sensitive scalps and helps to prevent flakiness and itchiness. For best results apply weekly for oily hair and twice weekly for dry hair. Massage warm oil into the scalp, leave overnight or wrap hair in warmed dampened towel to encourage absorption of herbs and oil into the follicles.

The OmVeda range is available from selected beauty and hairdressing salons across Australia. For nearest stockist details click here.