Physical TraitsVataPittaKapha
Body Frame thinmediumlarge
Finger Nails thin/crackingpink/soft/mediumthick/wide/white
Weightlow or bonymedium/musculargains easily
Stool/bowel movement small/hard/gasloose/burningmoderate/solid
Forehead Size smallmediumlarge
Voicelow or weakhigh or sharpslowor silent
Lipscracking, thin, drymedium or softlarge or smooth
Speechquick or talkativemoderate or arguesdeep or tonal
Weather – what bothers you cold and dryheat and suncold and damp
Sleep Patternslightmoderatedeep/heavy
Which do you like besttravel or naturesports or politicswater or flowers
Mental Traits VataPittaKapha
Temperamentnervous or fearfulirritable or impatienteasy going
Memoryquickly grasps, but forgetssharp or clearslow to learn, never forgets
Faithradical or changingleader or goal orientedloyal or constant
Dreamsflying or anxiousfighting or in colourfew or romantic
Emotionsenthusiastic or worrieswarm or angrycalm or attached
Mindquick or adaptablepenetrating or criticalslow or lethargic
Lack of tone or lustreRashes, inflammation, itchingDull, sluggish, congested
Rough PatchesOily T-zoneEnlarged pores
Chapping and crackingPremature wrinklingBlackheads
Dry rashes, corns and callousesYellow, pustular acneLarge pustules
Dry EczemaBlackheadsCystic formations
General DrynessGeneral Excessive oilinessThick, oily secretions
Dandruff/ dry scalpDiscolouration of natural pigmentationOily Scalp
Dry and DullOilyThick
ScalinessExcessive Hair LossShiny
Split EndsThinningGrows easily