Waterless Beauty care – less impact on the environment

Waterless Beauty care is also less of an impact on the environment

Waterless Beauty care is also less of an impact on the environment

OmVeda Creams are waterless

So, what does Waterless Beauty/Skincare mean and what are the benefits?

Waterless Beauty/Skincare is the concept of making creams and/or lotions in a formula without water and replacing it with oils, waxes or butters.


Well, waterless products have many advantages … more concentrated and more potent formulas, which means your products will last much longer as you don’t need to use as much … more active ingredients, more natural wholesomeness, less irritation and less drying to the skin.

Using waterless beauty care is also less of an impact on the environment as precious water supplies are conserved and by eliminating water in our skincare products we are effectively reducing the size of packaging and waste.   So, it’s great for the consumer and for the planet.

Did you know that OmVeda creams and lotions have always been waterless?  We use beeswax (cera alba) and oil as our base.   That’s why our day and night creams and lotions have a thicker consistency.

Waterless Beauty is one of the biggest trends to sweep the beauty industry for 2022.

It’s not a trend for us, but who we are and have always been.

Using waterless products is more effective and kinder to the skin.  Adding water to skincare makes for a lighter texture, however, if your skin is parched and thirsty you will need to use more product to achieve the desired result.

Water can often be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs and to counteract and kill off the bacteria, products that are water rich contain high levels of preservatives which can irritate the skin.

Lighter formulations can also necessitate the use of alcohol to soften and blend the formula and alcohol can irritate sensitive skins and also create dry patches.

Check out the skincare label for the products you’re using at the moment.   Where is the water mentioned?  If it’s at the top of the list you know it contains a lot of water.

Now is the time to experience the benefits of our waterless skincare. Your skin will thank you for it.  And you’ll notice the difference.

Waterless Creams