Strawberries have a place in our skincare routines

Strawberry Cream

Strawberries are a super food with a place in our skincare routines and our diet –OmVeda Strawberry Cream 50mls – Omveda


Did you know that Strawberries are not fruits or berries but belong to the Rose family.

These heart-shaped lovelies are packed with vitamins like C, B9 and K, antioxidants known as polyphenols, manganese, fibre and potassium.

We all love to eat them fresh, delicious in smoothies and yoghurt however, strawberries are pretty awesome for the body and the skin.

Being a source of vitamin C, strawberries are a well-recognised immunity booster and an essential for skin health, B9 (or folate) is crucial for cell function and normal tissue growth and potassium is involved in many key body functions including regulating blood pressure.

When it comes to the skin, strawberries get serious.

The Vitamin C in strawberries helps improve skin elasticity and resilience, brighten dulling skin and overall boost radiance.

They contain the amazing Ellagic Acid which guards against collagen destruction, a major cause of lines and wrinkles and also has a photo-protective effect that works to protect against UV damage and keeps the skin looking healthy.

The Folic Acid in strawberries aids in cell regeneration and keeps skin looking youthful and supple.

Plus, they contain Salicylic Acid to help address acne, reduce dry, dusty surface cells and fight excess oil.

Strawberries are a super food with a place in our skincare routines and our diet.