When the heat is on, Silver comes to our rescue

Ayurvedic Skin Care for sensitive skin

Cooling and Calming

Summer is epitomised by the Ayurvedic Dosha, Pitta. Pitta is governed by Fire and Water. For those who have high Pitta, the heat can create problems with the skin like increased perspiration, inflammation, redness, sunburn, hyper pigmentation, and increased production of oil on the skin and scalp. Vata types bask in the heat and could not be happier – getting a tan without any issue and Kapha types tolerate the heat with some sensitivity.

For Pitta types who are very sensitive to the heat, it is important to keep the skin cool, calm and soothed. It’s easy to keep it radiant and fresh, cooled and hydrated with our famous pure Silver Collection …. Toner, Gel and Day Cream. If you have an OmVeda Salon or Spa near you, you can also opt for a Silver Facial – highly recommended.

Extremely soothing, our Silver products use food grade Silver Leaf and Silver Bhasam to nurture, cool, soothe and rejuvenate, without blocking the pores and, at the same time, helps prolong the youthful appearance of the most sensitive skin.

Silver has an awesome list of benefits like regeneration of cells for a softer, supple and a calmer complexion. It relieves and cools the tight and uncomfortable sensation often associated with inflamed complexions. In addition, pure Silver also possesses anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties. With many strings to its bow, it can also relieve sunburn and acne.

It also has the power to restore the natural pH balance (reduce acidity, which is what makes the skin sensitive), returning moisture and evening out tone, tackling concerns that often show with Pitta imbalances, which in general are of an inflammatory nature.

Try keeping your Silver Toner in the fridge and use a cotton round to compress over the face and neck or soak cotton rounds in Silver Toner, squeeze out and place in a bowl) to chill in the fridge or simply use a couple of ice cubes. It will help to constrict capillaries which in turn reduces redness. Mix a little Silver Gel with our Day Cream and treat the skin to a very gentle massage.

Did you know that Pitta types are ruled by fire and water? Water extinguishes the fire and fire makes the water boil.

Excess Pitta creates excess heat in the body and is reflected visibly on the skin, scalp or eyes as an inflammatory condition. Those experiencing excess Pitta can have red eyes, or redness on the skin and scalp which is highly sensitive.
Traditionally used in rejuvenation therapy and known to promote strength and stamina, Silver is an integral part of Ayurveda as is the use of healing metals in their purest form, for example pure Silver, not sterling Silver. Pure Silver goes through a very special process which can take months. It is made into a Varak (soft leaf) which is commonly used on sweets, or in a powder form, called Bhasma.

SKIN CARE Gilded Beauty

Ayurvedic Skin Care for dry skin

24 K Gold Range

Gilded Beauty

Not just for adorning fingers or wrists, 24K Gold as a key ingredient in skincare has amazing benefits. Gold has been used since ancient times to preserve beauty and youth. It is reported that Cleopatra slept in a pure gold mask!

From an Ayurvedic perspective, Gold stimulates circulation thereby helping build healthy tissues. It has warming properties vis Silver which is cooling. And, as it’s a Rasayana (meaning it rejuvenates), it facilitates the removal of toxins, helps avoid collagen breakdown and subsequent loss of elasticity to firm the skin, provide intense nourishment while it brightens and enlivens the complexion.

Giving mature, dull, sallow and tired complexions a new lease on life, our precious Gold products use food grade Gold Leaf which is readily, easily and safely absorbed to work at a deeper level.