Temperamental and touchy, often overheated, red, irritated, inflamed, uncomfortable and sometimes itchy.    Sound familiar?

Sensitivity can be a short-term or ongoing issue.

Short-term, it can be triggered by a number of factors including harsh, aggressive or too active products, cleansers or serums for example, abrasive exfoliators, scrubbing too often or way too vigorously, products containing alcohol, such as toners, moisturisers loaded with fragrance, chemicals and synthetics and over-use of hot water.

You’ve lived with sensitive skin for as long as you can remember and tried everything to calm, soothe and heal it.

Enter Pure Silver …..

Silver was valued and used in ancient times as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent, in the control of infections and wound healing and to strengthen the immune system.  Throughout time Silver has effectively treated many skin problems, thanks also to its power plus anti-inflammatory and healing benefits.  It has also been used in the medical world for wound management and dressings.

Silver in Ayurveda is recognised to have exceptional cooling qualities and restorative benefits that help pacify sensitive skin and reduce its symptoms.

It is a remarkable ingredient that subdues excess heat and minimises redness, rosacea and irritation.  Soothing and reviving the overall appearance of sensitive skin, it also relieves the tight, uncomfortable feeling often associated with inflamed skin.

Silver also helps restore the natural pH of the skin which is very important as an upset or out of balance pH can lead to a weakening of the protective barrier.  This can allow irritants to penetrate and compromise the skin’s overall function.  The skin’s barrier, aka the acid mantle, is responsible for protecting it, by keeping in moisture and locking out pollution, toxins and bacteria.

We use pure and precious Silver Leaf and other selected soothing and healing Ayurvedic herbs in our Silver product range ~ Silver Toner, Silver Gel and Silver Day Cream.  Together they work to nurture sensitive skin and leave it calm, supple and renewed.