Almonds for the skin

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Amazing Almonds

Almonds come with a very extensive nutritional cv.  They are a great source of vitamins B (riboflavin and niacin) and E, protein, fibre, manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorous, calcium and zinc.  Although high in fat, Almonds contain the good kind.

And while we know them as a nut, an Almond is actually a seed of a fruit from the almond tree.

Almonds also have a long, long history.

Much in the same way as we value their benefits today, research shows nomadic tribes ground up kernels for energy boosting snacks as far back as the 4th century BC.  And, it’s also said King Tutankhamen was buried with Almonds to sustain him in his afterlife.

Delicious and filling, the protein in Almonds keeps the munchies away, making them a favourite nibble and afternoon pick up, including at our office.

They have a good health resume as well …

The calcium and phosphorous in Almonds is reported to help strengthen bones and improve bone health.

They may also help with heart health, protect against high blood sugar levels and in weight reduction.

Tasty and full of goodness, they are enjoyed raw, roasted, used in baking and many other recipes.

Research offers that certain kinds of foods included in the diet can be a natural way to a healthier skin.  While there appears to be limited research on Almonds effects on the skin, they certainly earn a place in the diet.

It is believed Almonds are a tonic for the skin when used topically, including oil or extracts.

As they are packed with antioxidant vitamin E they can help neutralise free radicals that contribute to the ageing process.

Almonds also contain linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that can help keep the skin supple and prevent dryness.

Their zinc content can help support the integrity of the skin and their source of copper plays a role in pigmentation.

Almonds are impressive skin polishers and rid the skin of impurities.  Finely crushed shells and hulls of the Almonds are used in face and body exfoliators.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalus) which comes from the seed kernels of the Sweet Almond tree is used as a replenishing and moisturising ingredient in many skin and body care products.  This includes our Diamond, Pearl, Silver Day and Gold Day Creams and the Turmeric Cellulite Cream.

While we generally eat them raw or maybe roasted, there’s a question about soaking them overnight.

Soaking them helps break down their tough shell, making them easier to digest.  Soaked Almonds release the enzyme, lipase which is said to support the process of digestion.  Soaking also helps free them of their slight bitterness so their buttery texture is tastier.

The jury is still out on soaking v/s eating them in their natural form, regardless of how we decide to enjoy them, Almonds are definitely one of nature’s superfoods.