You can find it in our Blackseed and Kumkumadhi Oils, and it’s powerful when it comes to keeping your skin looking dewy and youthful.

Rice Bran Oil (Oryza sativa) contains an abundance of benefits, so let’s get on with it and tell you more.

It’s a first-rate hydrator thanks to its Oleic and Linoleic Acids (fatty acids), which help skin retain high amounts of hydration. It’s also packed with Vitamins and firming Q10. Together, these components aid in reducing lines and wrinkles, boosting elasticity and evening out dark spots and dusky markings. Its Vitamin E content makes it a brilliant nourisher.

Rice Bran Oil is also a rich source of antioxidants such as Gamma Oryzanol, Ferulic Acid and Tocopherols. Antioxidants strengthen the skin’s defence and help guard against premature ageing.

Oryzanol (Gamma Oryzanol) is a potent anti-ageing complex with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  It kicks up micro-circulation, addresses pigmentation, deeply moisturises dry skin and balances natural oil production.

Ferulic Acid neutralises free radicals and guards against oxidative damage, which can cause wrinkles and lines. It also has anti-inflammatory, offers UV protection, reducing UV-induced damage and soothing benefits to address sensitivities.

Tocopherols are a Vitamin E complex including alpha, beta and gamma.  Vitamin E can help protect skin cells from oxidative stress, UV radiation and other ageing concerns; in addition, Vitamin E nourishes and soothes.

Now we’re familiar with the benefits of Rice Bran Oil.

It’s time to go a step further and take your routine to a new level by incorporating our blockbuster and supercharged Blackseed and Kumkumadhi Oils. All the benefits of Rice Bran Oil PLUS a powerhouse mix of active and pure Ayurvedic herbs to make your complexion glowing and dewy in the short term.  With continued use … healthy and happier skin.  The bonus is they’re lightweight and absorb in a flash for a softer and velvety smooth skin.

Our restorative Black Seed Oil, a lighter textured oil, brings the skin back to life, and its texture makes it a perfect warmer-weather oil.  While set in a base of Sesame Seed Oil, it’s boosted with Rice Bran Oil, which is overflowing with polysaccharides, proteins, antioxidants, minerals and other phytonutrients, 100% natural Black Seed Oil and Jirakadi, a combination of Black Sesame and two varieties of Cumin. It’s a potent formula and the latest in our facial oil lineup.  Helping to build a healthier skin structure and integrity, it also targets ageing issues, blemishes, dark spots, redness, inflammation and scarring.

Evening out tone, refining texture, minimising under eye circles and calming, our Kumkumadi Oil is powered with 26 precious Ayurvedic herbs to keep skin supple and smooth while addressing lines. It includes mainstays of Saffron and Turmeric with Madder, beautifying Rose, anti-inflammatory Liquorice, Vetiver to hydrate and the essential oils of Bergamot and Lavender.

Yasmin suggests using just 2-3 drops, as a little goes a long way. You can also mix in a few drops with your day and night creams for an extra boost of hydration, or it can be used alone.

Either way, your skin will be supple, radiant, healthy and youthful. Isn’t it time to switch up your routine?

Find them at https://www.omveda.com.au/face-oils-serums/

KumKumadi Face Oil

An elixir for the skin, the Kumkumadi Oil

Black Seed Face Oil