The history of the Rose is steeped in love rituals and offerings. Keeping the heart open and connected, this magical and beautiful flower smells exquisite and is recognised worldwide as a symbol of love and passion. It has played a vital role in civilisations across the globe and is thought to have originated in old Persia.

Since that time the Rose has been cultivated by the Greeks, the Romans, the Germans and the French. In India, it is regarded as a symbol of grace and beauty, playing a major part in daily rituals and celebrations.

Rose water is sprinkled on guests as they enter the marriage pavilion as a gesture of respect, it is given to the elderly to wash and cleanse their hands, its petals are scattered on the marital bed, fragrant fresh roses decorate palaces, petals are used in the bath and fresh garlands adorn the body as a sign of love and respect.

The Cabbage Rose is used to produce the Indian attar (or essence) of rose used to scent soaps, oils and perfumes. Rosewater is used to relieve tired eyes. Its petals are used by Ayurvedic doctors to make a syrup and dried, it is used in teas and tonics to relieve dizziness and headaches. Cooling, calming and moisturising, it is a rich source of Vitamin C and can therefore be used on most skin types. It is recognised for its valuable and effective anti-ageing properties. Anti-bacterial, hydrating and balancing, it contains awesome emollient properties, is rich in anti-oxidants and can also act as an anti-inflammatory. It’s no surprise that the Rose plays an important role in beauty treatments for centuries.

We have harnessed the intoxicating and therapeutic powers of the Rose in many of our salon treatment products and also in our richly royal Rose Toner, Pure Rosewater and Silk Screen. Calming skin woes, the Rose Toner is an aromatic finishing rinse for the face. It is an enriching and soothing tonic that refreshes and removes all residues after cleansing or mask application. Blended with the goodness of rose petals, highly praised for their astringent and cooling properties, they are also an outstanding source of Vitamin C and provide relief to stressed skin conditions; the scent of rosa centifolia (100 leafed cabbage rose) and dates, recognised for their cooling, nourishing and moisturising properties. As vital, the Toner contains no alcohol or chemicals.

Our Silk Screen is a real scene stealer. It’s a light, frothy cream that forms an invisible film to seal in moisture. Light in texture but big on nourishment, without a greasy after feel, it leaves drier skin types with a soft silken sheen, making it the ideal under make up moisturiser. This natural beauty recipe combines Rose buds, which help to soften and are rich in vitamins and restorative properties. The OmVeda Silk Screen also contains the organic goodness of White Sandalwood, Indian Madder and Sandalwood. Formulated like a foundation, it takes on the natural colour of the skin and helps to protect from outside aggressions.

Balancing skin and the mind, our Pure Rose Water is an exotic mist for the face and body with a mesmerising scent. It is not a hydrosol but is made from ancient techniques steeped in tradition where thousands of rose petals are soaked in water. The rose petals are boiled in clay or copper pots under constant heat, and allowed to cool. Introduced to India by the moguls many centuries ago and is a speciality of small pockets of North India where the tradition has been down through generations.

Just a light spritz over the body helps to ease stress and anxiety, hydrates and revitalises the skin, keeping it moist and comfortable. It is also helpful in treating sensitive concerns such as dermatitis and eczema. Toning the skin and balancing its pH, it is rich in anti-oxidant properties to aid in strengthening cells and regenerating tissues.

100% pure, it is distilled from the petals of Damask Roses, highly prized for their soothing, hydrating, calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. The OmVeda Pure Rose Water can be misted over the face or body to cool and offer relief from over-heating or with your day or night cream.