Natural ayurvedic skin care

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Dry skin, which is a skin type, stems from a lack of oil or sebum in the dermis.   Sebum helps protect from moisture loss. The skin can be flaky, itchy and ‘rough’. Those with dry skin will notice that the entire body will also be dry, the legs, lips, hands and even the scalp and dry skin will drink up moisturisers, oils, creams in a snap.


Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is triggered by a lack of water and moisture in the dermis and is a condition rather than a skin type.    The skin looks dull, feels tight and lines and wrinkles can be more prominent.  Usually, dehydrated skin is caused by lifestyle factors ie not drinking enough water, alcohol and/or overdoing it with harsh products.

Did you know that oily skin can also be dehydrated?  Although sebum levels are high, water levels are low.  When treating oiliness/excess oiliness, breakouts or acne, the products we use can be too drying and sometimes irritating causing skin to become dehydrated.

A few simple soothing things to do at home:

Avoid hot, long showers, as great as they are after a stressful day, they wash away the skin’s natural oils and dry out the skin.

 Change to a creamy face cleanser that takes care of impurities, everyday dirt and make up and leaves skin smooth and feeling supple.

Exfoliate with a gentle face scrub like our Walnut Scrub and a body scrub weekly.  Important as dead, surface cells build up, keeping the skin from absorbing the goodness of products to follow like moisturising cream,  facial oil, body lotion, oil or night cream.   Gentle exfoliation regularly helps the everyday skincare work more effectively.

Switch to a more nourishing face cream and add a face oil such as our Black Seed Oil to the everyday skincare routine.

Add a night cream, like our Night Nourishing Cream before bedtime.  Mix a few drops of face oil with the night cream and spend a few extra minutes massaging in.

Check skincare labels for added alcohol and fragrances, as they can cause more upsets, drying out and irritating the skin.

Opt for a body wash such as our Body Gel instead of bar soap, which can be drying.

Gently pat-dry the body (rather than rub with a towel) and moisturise immediately after showering. A little oil, such as our Calming Massage Oil (warmed) post shower can also help keep skin soft and supple.

Treat the scalp to a warm oil massage treatment weekly.  Our Herbal Hair Oil benefits both scalp and hair.

Apply a replenishing mask weekly, like our Mango Butter Face Mask.

After washing hands always apply a moisturiser.

Boost water intake to help hydrate the body.

Protect skin from the outside elements by wearing gloves and a scarf when the temperature drops.

In summer, always apply an SPF, wear a hat and shield eyes with sunglasses.