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OmVeda Face, Body  & Hair Care

Face Scrubs:

Scrub Grains: Rec. for oily skin Kapha
Gold Scrub: Rec. for normal to oily skin: Pitta
Walnut Scrub: Rec. for dry skin: Vata

Cleansing Creams:

Cream Soap: Kapha
Sandalwood Cleanser: Pitta
Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream: Vata/ Pitta
Diamond Cleanser 50mls:

Skin Toners:

Rose Skin Toner: All body types
Gold Skin Toner: All body types
Silver Skin Toner: All body types
Pigmentation and Blemish Lotion: Oily skin

Day Moisturisers:

Date Enriched Moisturiser: Kapha/Pitta – Normal to oily skin
Honey & Sandalwood Moisturiser: Vata – Dry skin
Diamond Cream 50mls:
Gold Day Cream 50mls: Vata/ Pitta – Normal to dry skin
Silver Day Cream 50mls:
Strawberry Cream 50mls:
Pearl Cream 50mls:


OmVeda Silver Gel
OmVeda Gold Gel

Night Creams:

Nourishing Night Cream: Vata/ Pitta
Night Lotus: Vata/Pitta
Pigmentation Cream: All Doshas

Protective Base:

Sandalwood Protective Base: Kapha/Pitta – Oily Skin
Silk Screen: All skin types
Natural Sun Protection: All Body Types

Eye Treatments:

Eye Cream: All Body Types
Seaweed Gel: All Body Types

Face Masks / Treatments:

Clove Acne Pack: Pitta/Kapha – Oily skin
Protex Mask: Pitta/Kapha
Protein Face Mask: Vata
Mango Body Butter Face Pack: Vata/Pitta – Dry pigmented skin
Diamond Mask 50mls:
Gold Rejuvenating Mask: Vata
Fruit Mask: Pitta/Kapha
Anti-Wrinkle Mask: Pitta/Vata
Pigmentation Mask: Pigmented skin
Vitamin Enriched Mask:
Cucumber Mask 50mls:
Pearl Mask 50mls:
Pimple Clear: Spot treatment

Baby Massage Oil

Baby Massage Oil:

Body Products:

Body Mask: All Body Types
Reydrating Body Lotion: All Body types especially Vata/Pitta
Honey Body Moisturiser:
Body Gel: All Skin types, especially Vata/Pitta
Turmeric Cellulite Cream: All Body Types especially Pre-post pregnancy
Body Talc: All Body Types especially Pitta

Body Massage Oil:

Calming Massage Oil:
Karporadhi Oil:
Pinda Taila:
Raksha Oil:
Saffron Face Oil:

Hair Care
Herbal Hair Oil: Vata/Kapha

Neelinin Herbal Hair Oil:
Brahmi Hair Oil

Hair Tonic: All especially Pitta
Hair Conditioner: Vata – Dry frizzy hair
Green Apple Shampoo & Conditioner: Kapha – Normal scalp
Henna Shampoo and Conditioner: Pitta – Oily scalp
Amla Shampoo and Conditioner: Vata – Dry scalp
Henna Treatment Powder: All
Neelinin Herbal Hair Pack:

Natural Hair Colours


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