OmVeda’s precious Rejuvenative Treatments

Rejuvenative Tonics known as  Rasayana Karma.  Aimed at renewal of body and mind, Ayurvedic herbology does not simply seek longevity, but moves towards a life of pure awareness, natural creativity, and spontaneous delight.  Rasa is essence and Yana is what enters.  It is what penetrates and revitalises the essence of our psycho-physiological being.  Rasayana’s rebuild the body and mind, prevent decay, and post-pone aging.  They may even help to reverse the aging process. Their action sustains the optimal form and functions of the various organs, tissues and channels of the body. In other words, rasayanas are substances that help build healthy tissues and rejuvenate.

Oxidation of metals is a speciality of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical processes.  The resulting substances are called “Bhasamas”.  These are primarily oxides of the metals but their exact chemical nature is not yet known and may be more than this, for hard metals the following procedure is used, each metallic substance in the form of a flattened piece, is heated on charcoal and then dipped into oil, buttermilk, or other special substances.  In each of these mediums the metal is heated and dipped seven times.  When it is purified the metal becomes very brittle and another process called “Marana” is done.  The purified metal is put into an earthen shell on to which another earthen shell is made.  It is sealed airtight with a cloth dipped in clay.  When the shell is dry it is heated on coals from wood of special trees.  Heat is applied for six to eight hours and the Bhasama is thereby prepared.  This procedure may be repeated many times for preparing Bhasamas of different strengths.

For such prepared Bhasamas many tests are done to prove that they are ready to be used.  These tests are different for different Bhasamas, e.g. copper Bhasama should be put into lime juice and should not turn green.  Other general tests are:

1.Rekha Purna Test: When the prepared bhasama should fill the lines of the fingertip. That proves that Bhasama is prepared in the right way.
2. The Bhasama can float over the water.

When added to flame there should be no smoke or colour change

Gold: Gold is a noble metal and does not react with tissues.  Gold is sweet and bitter in taste and hot, unctuous and heavy in quality. Taken internally, it improves intelligence, capacity to learn and memory.  It counters the effects of poisons in the body. Strengthens the nerves and is a rejuvenative and aphrodisiac.  Gold can be used in the form of gold water, gold tincture, varak or gold leaf used on sweets for special occasions.

Silver:    Silver is cooling and sour. Internally, it is used for cooling the mind, emotions and body in conditions such as neuritis and neuralgia, inflammation of mucous membranes and diseases of the reproductive system.

OmVeda has both a Pure Silver Treatment and 24 carat Gold Treatment.

The OmVeda Silver Treatment  is cooling and is recommended for inflammatory type of skin conditions. It helps to calm and soothe the skin bringing it back to balance. Take home products and regular treatments is the key to total balance. A major part of the Silver Treatment is the the OmVeda Silver Herbal Mask which is freshly made into a paste with organic yoghurt at room temperature. Recommended take home products:  OmVeda Sandalwood Cleanser, OmVeda Silver Toner, OmVeda Silver Cream

The OmVeda 24 carat Gold Treatment is a must for those who have stressed, tired, dull skin because the properties of gold is to increase the circulation, opening the nutritional channels that nourish the tissues giving lustre, evening skin tone and a healthy glow to the skin. The treatment starts with an exfoliation with the OmVeda Gold Scrub, followed by an active facial massage with OmVeda Gold Cream, hydrated with OmVeda Gold Gel and freshly grated cucumber, and finally the OmVeda 24 carat Gold Mask. Take Home products would include: OmVeda Aloe Cleanser, OmVeda Gold Toner, OmVeda Gold Day Cream and Gold Gel.