A traditional Ayurvedic facial that incorporates the cooling and rejuvenating properties of pure silver to rescue and tame stressed out skins, calming and soothing the most sensitive of complexions while giving the skin a nourishing boost.  OmVeda has harnessed the healing and rejuvenating properties of silver leaf to really get the skin glowing, leaving it unbelievably calm, smooth, soft and silken with an even, attractive glow.

Brimming with organic goodness, this precious facial begins with a herbal blended cleanse, suited to the individual dosha type and a sweep of the OmVeda Silver Toner to settle redness and remove any excesses.  In classic Ayurvedic style, this is then followed by a 20 minute marma point massage of the face using the OmVeda Silver Cream.

Hand crushed and finely grated cucumber is carefully blended with the OmVeda Silver Gel and then applied to the skin.  The ritual continues with an application of the OmVeda Silver Herbal Mask, mixed with organic yoghurt, brushed onto the face and neck and left for 30 minutes (and removed with warm water).  The treat finishes with an application of the Silver Cream .. the result is a calm, distressed skin.  Home care includes Aloe Cleanser, Silver Toner, Silver Gel and Mask and Silver Day CreammaintenanceTreatment time 1 ¼ to 1 ½ hours.  Call OmVeda on 1 300 662 383 or


Designed for dulling, drying skins, this treatment gem from OmVeda is a beauty offering like no other using a combination of organic herbs and pure 24 carat gold leaf that melts into the skin to leave it with a new found radiance, intensely hydrated, richly smooth and silky soft.  Not only an effective anti ageing treat but also a supremely relaxing facial that gives genuine meaning to Ayurvedic care.

The OmVeda gold products are readily, easily and safely absorbed into the skin to penetrate and work at a deeper level.  Gold can help stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, facilitating the removal of toxins and being a rasayana, it has the ability to regenerate health new cells while improving internal nourishment. Gold’s amazing properties give new resilience, luminosity and a remarkable radiance to the skin.   

A luxury plus facial, it begins with a soothing scalp massage to kick in circulation and relax.  A gentle cleanse using the OmVeda Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream, with residues removed with Gold Toner.  Dull, dead surface cells are polished away with Gold Scrub and the skin is massaged with Gold Cream.  A mix of grated cucumber and Gold Rejuvenating Gel is applied to the face and décolleté.  Once removed, a layer of the lavish OmVeda Gold Rejuvenating Mask is coated onto the face and left for 20 minutes, rinsed away, the facial finishes with a fine application of Gold Cream.

Offering the skin new energy levels by nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating the OmVeda Gold facial accelerates cell renewal, refines the skin and protects it from environmental aggression. Treatment time: 1 ¼ hour.  Call OmVeda on 1 300 662 383 or for more information.   Recommended take home products:  Aloe Vera Cleansing Cream, Gold Toner, Gold Scrub, Gold Rejuvenating Gel, Gold Rejuvenating Mask and Gold Cream.

Take home recommendations:
After cleansing apply OmVeda Gold Toner on cotton ball and sweep over the face, press gently over the skin so properties can be absorbed into the skin (use morning and night) – to help increase circulation and maintain healthy glow.  Gold Toner uses finely ground pure 24 carat gold leaf that melts right into the skin leaving it with a golden glow, smoother and more hydrated.  Working in synergy with organic herbs, pure gold leaf gives new life to dull, tired and stressed skin.

Follow with OmVeda Gold Rejuvenating Mask which should be used twice weekly to revitalise and rejuvenate dulling, dehydrated skin.  Apply a thin layer, leave for 25 minutes and remove with warm water using fingertips in gentle circular motions for a satiny smooth finish and luminosity.   

Balancing, soothing and comforting, the OmVeda Gold products fuse nature and the senses making a difference in how you look and how your skin feels.  Alive and active in herbal skin healers, nourishers and smoothers to keep skin looking fresh and refined.  Visit or call   OmVeda on 1 300 662 383 for more


Introduce your client to a new sensation in skin rejuvenation in pure 24 carat gold line.  OmVeda uses finely ground gold leaf, whose properties are absorbed into the skin for a new found luminosity, resilience and radiance to tired, stressed and ageing complexions. 

OmVeda combines pure 24 carat gold leaf and precious organic herbs and oils including Sacred Lotus, Saffron, Sandalwood, Almond Oil, Aloe and Honey offering new energy levels, nourishing and revitalizing the skin.  Gold has the ability to stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation, facilitating the removal of toxins and wastes to accelerate the regeneration of healthy new cells. The line includes Gold Gel, Gold Scrub, Gold Toner, Gold Cream. Call OmVeda on 1 300 662 383 or visit


Whatever your dosha, OmVeda has created a collection to keep both skin and mind on track.  The three new Silver products rescue and tame stressed and irritated skins and are kind to the most sensitive of complexions.

Harnessing the healing and rejuvenating properties of silver leaf, OmVeda uses the ancient practice of Ayurveda  to really get the skin glowing – the three brand new products absorb into the skin on contact, leaving it unbelievably calm, smooth and soft.  

Each product in the collection is enriched with the purity of finely ground Silver Leaf.  Infused with Lavender the OmVeda Silver Toner instantly settles redness and calms;  Silver Gel combines Aloe and Honey which help rejuvenate tissues and the Ayurvedic specialities of Sweet Flag, Acacia Arabica and Almond.  Silver Day Cream mixes Sesame Oil, Wild Sacred Lotus, the powerfully potent Saffron, an anti-allergic that soothes sensitivities, smoothes the skin and gives a glow.

Pure Silver Leaf contains certain cooling properties that help to treat excess heat in the body and Silver Leaf, in its purest form, can also help to relieve sunburn and acne.  The OmVeda Silver collection gives immediate relief in reducing redness, refreshing heated complexions and relieving windburn or chafing sensations.  Silver Toner, Silver Gel, Silver Herbal Mask and Silver Day Cream.  For additional details please contact OmVeda on  1 300 662 383 or visit the website: