Ayurvedic foods for the hair, OmVeda uses only organic ingredients to rejuvenate and renew brilliant health to the scalp and hair. Formulated with herbs that are rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes from organically grown flowers, leaves, bark and herbs to fortify, strengthen and give new life to damaged tresses and restoring it to its virgin beauty!

In the true Ayurvedic tradition the hair was lavishly pampered, washed in reetha (soap nut) mixed with amla and brahmi to nourish the hair follicles; massaged with precious herbal oils, the primary oil being sesame which was infused with fenugreek, brahmi and amla that have anti-oxidant properties – rich in Vitamin C. This combination promotes hair growth, slows the greying process and gives a lustrous shine to the hair. Oils played a vital role in the health of the hair. At home the oil was left in the hair overnight to encourage the oil and herbs to penetrate into the follicles. Hair was washed and dried over incense so that the fragrance stayed in the hair for a number of days. It is no surprise that women and children using this traditional method had such healthy, radiant, long thick hair.

OmVeda has pulled together some specialities to revitalize hair that’s been damaged by years of blow drying, colouring, sun damage and stressed out tresses.

Hair Oil (pre wash and relaxing treat) This wonder oil douses tortured tresses in a regenerating blend of Sesame Oil (two natural anti oxidants) and Fenugreek (rich in phosphates and iron) to nourish follicles, promote strong hair, reduce scaliness and guards against split ends. Irritated, dry scalps and sensitive types will adore it! It keeps working to stimulate scalp activity encouraging growth, balance moisture and oil production, nourish the follicles and guard against split ends. Use as a weekly treat for oilier types and twice weekly for drier hair. Massage warm oil into the scalp, leave overnight or wrap hair in warmed dampened towel to infuse. Wash with the Omveda Shampoo suited to your hair.

Amla Shampoo is the OmVeda one-way ticket for tackling dry, dull and fragile locks. Ever so gentle, its generous with its shine and volume while delivering strengthen to the hair and revitalizing benefits to the scalp! It blends Indian Gooseberry (one of nature’s ultimates for Vitamin C) and Arnica that helps to eliminate irritations adds strength.

If you’re a normal to oilier type, then try the Henna Shampoo and follow with Hair Tonic – it’s a must for regular maintenance – this perfect hair cleanser is formulated with Henna, Shikakai, Brahmi and other herbals to prevent excessive oils and balance without drying out or causing irritations. Will also help to maximize volume and ensure lustre.

Hair Tonic (helps to close hair follicles & tone the scalp) – for unruly do’s this is a must! Spray on daily and massage in – smooths dryness and gives life to brittle, lack lustre locks. A bevy of Ayurvedic helpers like Triphala, Mint, Bael Fruit to tone and nourish. A real performer in controlling hair loss, dandruff and premature graying.