While it’s an essential part of our daily routine and personal hygiene, cleansing keeps the skin free of impurities, healthy, fresh and radiant. Instead of using soap, the Ayurvedic tradition is the Uptana, generally a combination of ground herbs and other spices that both cleanse and purify the skin. And, using this powder keeps the skin gently exfoliated and naturally rejuvenating and, afterwards your body moisturiser will absorb better so it can do its work.

We have the perfect solution in our Hibiscus Body Cleansing Powder, a real two in one product that is packed with skin stars of natural and pure finely ground herbs to keep the skin smooth and beautiful.

Our Powder contains crushed Hibiscus petals that are rich in anti-oxidants that help protect against free radical damage. The beautiful Hibiscus also has anti-inflammatory properties to aid in soothing inflamed skin, which makes it great for sensitive types too. In addition, the Hibiscus Body Cleansing Powder uses Amla (known as Indian Gooseberry) that is packed with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C to help maintain the skin’s youth and vitality. Amla is also helpful in tackling skin woes like breakouts (think shoulders and back) by combatting micro-organisms that are present on the skin and incredible Amla also helps to ease dusky marks and other dark spots (think legs and arms from exposure to the sun). It also contains another ingredient called Albizzia Lebeck, did you know this can also help to repel insects.

So next time you hop in the shower, take the OmVeda Uptana with you. Simply wet the skin and sprinkle on a little of the herbal powder onto the body and work in circular motions, then rinse away. Skin will be amazingly smooth and silken.