The benefits of Shirodhara

Shiro means head, dhara is a flow of oil, so Shirodhara means flow of oil on the head.

It is a classic Ayurvedic treatment which helps to relieve mental stress, give clarity and improve focus and concentration.

When this therapy is performed by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor, it has also been very effective in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other mental issues. And, when performed by an Ayurvedic doctor he is one who determines whether a herbalised buttermilk, ghee or oil is used for a particular problem.

However, where an Ayurvedic doctor is not available, shirodhara remains an excellent treatment to help calm the mind, relieve stress and anxiety – common modern day issues. A practitioner or therapist who has been trained in traditional (true) Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatments, will understand the benefit of using a herbal oil vs a base oil and will also know to adjust temperature of the oil and strength of flow to the third eye. All of these aspects make a difference eg if someone is strongly pitta, then it is important to use mildly warm oil and the flow should be thicker and from a closer distance. A higher distance will make the flow of oil stronger.

Kheerabala Oil is excellent for Shirodhara as it also helps to calm the mind. When someone is angry, or anxious people use the term – cool it or calm down. This is exactly what Shirodhara is meant to do, and it is individualised – not a one thing fits all.

Remarkably relaxing, Shirodhara improves sleep patterns and overall is renowned for its ability to release serotonin and impart a sense of total wellbeing. Awakening intuition and inner wisdom, it also balances VATA doshas and the life force energy surrounding the head. It also improves the ‘pick up’ of the five senses and works to relax the entire nervous system The OmVeda Shirodhara ritual extends to a head and neck massage to complete the therapy and carry the client into a truly blissful state. This is particularly so when the therapy is experienced on a regular basis.