Turmeric … it’s the spice of life …

It’s known as nature’s miracle worker for its profound anti-oxidant and powerful anti-inflammatory properties which lie in the curcumin (extracted from the root, Turmeric’s main active). However, there’s much more to this rich yellow spice to make an awesome and flavoursome dish.

It has been used for over 5,000 years as a condiment and textile dye. And, while modern medical science is only now waking up to the tremendous ability of Turmeric, Ayurveda realized its potential long, long ago.

Traditionally it has been used in medicinal preparations as all-purpose cleanser. Having a role in repairing damage and acting as a pick-me-up, helping the body fight foreign trespassers it is often called a natural anti-biotic, used to strengthen digestion and improve intestinal flora. It is also said that Turmeric purifies the blood, stimulates the formation of new blood tissue while also promoting a balanced metabolism by correcting excesses and deficiencies.

When it comes to topical use on the skin, Turmeric has a healing effect and its potent properties help to balance the skin against many concerns and conditions. Rich in natural Vitamin C, it is an effective skin enhancer. It has the ability to neutralize toxins that can cause skin damage.

In terms of its topical use in Ayurveda, it was and no doubt still is mixed into a paste and used to treat conditions such as blemishes and spots, cellulite, skin dimpling, pigmentation and stretch marks.

Our Turmeric Cream with its concentrated detoxifying action and anti-oxidant benefits helps improve tone and texture, smooth down dimpling and strengthen the skin. Its unique formulation also includes Lemon Juice, Saffron, Oils of Almond and Sandalwood and Indian Barberry.