Did you know that Rasayanas are a special class and combination of rejuvenation herbs that are taken internally (in the form of tonics) and also applied topically to the skin. Helping manage the ageing process, Rasayana’s rebuild the body and mind and delay ageing.

Their action is to sustain optimal function of the body’s organs and tissues. In other words, rasayanas are substances that help build healthy tissues and rejuvenate. The herbs that make up rasayana’s have anti-oxidant properties to fight destructive free radicals and slow the ageing process. Indian Madder or Majishtha, Honey and Sweet Indrajao (wrightia tinctoria) are herbs that can be found in our Honey Sandalwood Moisturiser. Another rasayana is Gold, which is used to warm the skin and give it a glow. 24K gold leaf, gold bhasam (powder) and other herbs nurture the skin back to health as the properties of gold increase the circulation, open the nutritional channels to nourish tissues, even out skin tone and give the complexion a beautiful lustre.