OmVeda Ayurvedic face, body and hair treatments are masks made into a fresh paste by blending specific combinations of organically grown ayurvedic herbs with fresh yoghurt. At home – Our Scrub Grains, Gold Scrub, Body Mask and Neelini Hair Pack are also specific combinations of herbs – we encourage you to make a fresh paste with yoghurt or milk and honey so that the benefits are enhanced.

So why yoghurt?

  • Yoghurt contains zinc, calcium and lactic acid, calcium and  a plethora of good enzymes which help to make the skin healthy
  • Removes dead cella and irons out fine lines
  • Revives tired and dull complexion
  • Brightens, lightens and gives a glow to the skin
  • helps to soothe sunburn
  • Encourages hair growth, and improves hair lustre
  • Protein helps nourish the scalp and skin of the face and body
  • Lactic acid and zinc helps to increase circulation