Toners, an important step in every home-care routine.

Toners seem to have received a bad rap over the last few years. This is understandable as many contain alcohol or harsh ingredients that can dry out the skin or worse, irritate it. Generally designed to be used after cleansing to remove excess cleanser or mask, Toners instantly refresh and prep the skin for what is to come. Find the right one for your skin type and you will never look back. And, it will definitely become a staple in home care routine.

Smoothing, softening or calming, using the correct toner can work wonders and make a huge difference in the look and feel of the skin. And, we are proud to let you know that our Toners do NOT contain any alcohol or chemicals.

Our Rose Toner, for example, makes a world of difference for normal to dry complexions. And for those who have not yet misted it over their skin, it smells absolutely divine. Enriching and soothing, it contains the goodness of Rose Petals, praised for their ever-so-gentle astringent and cooling properties. They are also an outstanding source of Vitamin C, as we know, a natural anti-oxidant. Providing relief to stressed skin conditions, it also contains the aromatic scent of Rosa Centifolia (100 leafed Cabbage Rose), Red Sandalwood to maintain hydration levels, soften and prevent breakouts and Dates to nourish and moisturise.

Sensitive and over-heated skins will fall in love with our Silver Toner. Helping calm inflammations, settle redness and irritation, this wonderfully cooling blend contains finely crushed pure Silver Leaf, precious Saffron strands and Aloe Vera to moisturise and keep the skin supple and smooth.

For dulling, ageing and dry skins, the answer is our 24K Gold Toner to rejuvenate and promote radiance. Containing finely ground and pure 24K Gold Leaf that works in synergy with our other Ayurvedic herbs to deliver new life and lustre to the skin. 24K Gold contains unique and powerful anti-ageing properties to enhance cell renewal, re-energise the skin and have a remarkable effect in reducing lines and wrinkles. It also blends the hydrating qualities of Aloe and strands of Saffron.

Taking special care of oilier skins, lightening and reducing darker spots, scars and blemishes, our Pigmentation + Blemish Lotion is the answer. A germicidal and refining formula it blends Neem to purify and improve the skin’s resilience, Lemon Juice and Bael Tree Leaves to enhance circulation and boost oxygen levels.