What is a Bhasma?

A Bhasma is the ash from a fire where a specific wood, herbs or other purifying items are used. A Bhasma possesses healing powers and is used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine both internally and externally. Vedic chemistry is a part of Ayurveda, which deals with herbo-mineral, metals and non-metal. Gold and silver and other precious stones like diamond and pearl have curative properties which are safe. The process for preparing Bhasma is time-consuming and complicated.

The Bhasma (or ash) is placed in earthen crucibles, herbs are then added and covered with a shallow earthen plate. The edge is sealed with clay in 7 consecutive layers and dried. A pit is dug in an open space and covered. Fire is put in all four sides and the middle of the pit. It is allowed to cool. The earthen container is removed, the seal is opened and the contents taken out. The calcined gold, silver, pearls or diamonds (or other precious stones) are ground into a fine powder to which herbal juice is added. The process is repeated several times over for months until the powder is rendered safe. This is known as Mukta Bhasma. A Bhasma is used in many of our skincare formulations such as the Gold, Silver, Pearl and Diamond products and treatments. Rejuvenating the epidermal layer, the Bhasma has the power to reach deeply into the core components of the skin, to stimulate and boost the metabolic function.