Multani Mitti or Fullers Earth has many valued properties making it an excellent ingredient for all skin types. Amazingly healing for acne and blemishes due to its oil absorbing properties it is also perfect for drier and more mature types for its skin renewing benefits. Rich in magnesium, it is used in many skincare products like cleansers and toners but particularly in masks.

This true all-rounder quickly removes blackheads, and impurities from the skin, unclogs pores, soothes skin, relieves redness and inflammation and takes care of dead cells that stack up on the surface of the skin so your serums and creams work more effectively. You can find Multani Mitti in many of our products such as Clove Acne Mask, Protex Mask, Protein Mask, Diamond Mask and Anti-Wrinkle Mask.