Give your precious eyes an at-home treat with our traditional OmNetra. Netra means eyes in Sanskrit. Refreshing and rejuvenating the area, it is perfect for a girlfriend get together or an evening alone at home and, it’s easy to do and very relaxing too. This treatment helps to lighten dark under eye circles, deeply nourish the eye area and minimise lines.

OK, to start, wear a headband to keep hair away from the face, a small bowl of room temperature water and add a little Rose Toner and soak some cotton rounds and you’re ready to go. Apply the Aloe Cleansing Cream to remove eye make-up and using cotton rounds with Rose Toner, gently wipe away any traces of make up and cream (no tugging please!). Dot some Eye Cream around the orbital area and over eyelid and under brow. Take a few drops of Saffron Oil (the Saffron Oil will give the slip you need) and dot around the eyes and massage in. Apply Seaweed Gel with a Q-tip and massage in (which will help to reduce puffiness) and then apply a layer of Mango Mask (over the Seaweed Gel). Cover eyes with moist cotton rounds soaked in water and a little Rose Toner and relax for 10 – 15 minutes. Remove Mango Mask with soaked cotton rounds and finish your treat by massaging in a little Eye Cream.