In Ayurvedic medicine, metals such as gold, silver, and gemstones all possess healing energy. Whether a copper bracelet for helping to relieve arthritis pain or gold water for stamina, these natural elements have great potential in both alternative and conventional medicine.

According to this belief system, copper, gold, silver and iron in Ayurvedic medicine play a vital role in maintaining well-being.

There is a possibility of toxins within even pure metals; so, in Ayurvedic medicine all the healing metals, including copper, gold, silver, and iron, are purified before use. The metal is usually heated and then treated with a natural substance, such as oil, buttermilk or ghrita (medicinal clarified butter).

Copper, gold, silver and iron are the main metals that have been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Given Ayurveda is the oldest written text of medicine it is interesting to note that it has also been adopted in other healing disciplines.

Gold is a traditional remedy used to increase circulation and balance blood flow, silver has been used as an antibacterial and cooling agent. Copper, gold, silver, and iron metals in Ayurvedic medicine have been considered medicinal elements for centuries, their healing powers recorded in ancient texts.
Precious gems and jewels have found their way onto treatment menus and into skincare products. Ayurvedic beauty treatments inclusive of precious metals and gems are always combined with herbs and oils to maximise the benefits to the skin.

Gold, for example has always been recognised for its curative and energistic properties.

Oxidation of metals is a speciality of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical processes. The resulting substances are called “Bhasamas”. These are primarily oxides of the metals but their exact chemical nature is not yet known and may be more than this, for hard metals the following procedure is used, each metallic substance in the form of a flattened piece, is heated on charcoal and then dipped into oil, buttermilk, or other special substances. In each of these mediums the metal is heated and dipped seven times. When it is purified the metal becomes very brittle and another process called “Marana” is done. The purified metal is put into an earthen shell on to which another earthen shell is made. It is sealed airtight with a cloth dipped in clay. When the shell is dry it is heated on coals from wood of special trees. Heat is applied for six to eight hours and the Bhasama is thereby prepared. This procedure may be repeated many times for preparing Bhasamas of different strengths.

Gold is a noble metal and does not react with tissues. Gold is sweet and bitter in taste and hot, unctuous and heavy in quality. Taken internally, it improves intelligence, capacity to learn and memory. It counters the effects of poisons in the body. Strengthens the nerves and is a rejuvenative and aphrodisiac. Gold can be used in the form of gold water, gold tincture, varak or gold leaf used on sweets for special occasions. Gold also helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, thus facilitating the removal of toxins and wastes and purifying the skin. All these actions help to improve the skin’s normal functions, particularly that of the regeneration of healthy new cells. In fact, gold is one of the most powerful methods of age-control and rejuvenation, when applied on the skin.

Silver is cooling and sour. Internally, it is used for cooling the mind, emotions and body in conditions such as neuritis and neuralgia, inflammation of mucous membranes and diseases of the reproductive system. Pure Silver contains certain cooling properties that helps treat excess heat in the body. This makes the addition of Silver extremely beneficial to the relief of redness and irritations, helping refresh windburn or chafing sensations and sunburn. It is also said that pure Silver helps in treating acne conditions. Reduces Pitta and increases Vata and Kapha, cools the mind and calms the blood. Silver’s cleansing action kills bacteria on contact, soothes the skin and speeds up cell repair

Pearls and Ash of pearls have innumerable healing properties. Said to centre the spirit, Pearls and Ash of Pearl have a brightening effect on the skin. They contain powerful nutritive elements such as amino acids and proteins, which help reduce the effects of sun damage while strengthening and improving the skin’s moisture retention ability. Decreases Vata and Pitta and increase Kapha. Purifies the blood and improves vitality.

Diamond bhasam rejuvenate the epidermal layer, as it reaches deeply in to the core components of the skin, and counter acts the natural ageing process with advanced and technical aggressive age define properties. Diamond stimulates and boosts the metabolic function of the skin, acts as a building block and targets the skin’s demands to help fight and erase fine lines and pre mature wrinkling. In addition Diamond eliminates toxins and improves cell regeneration. Ayurvedic texts say Diamond has age-defying and rejuvenating effects that help control visible signs of ageing Diamond is said to purify and remove congestion from the tissues, getting rid of toxins and wastes.