According to Vedic Texts, taking the juice of Eclipta Alba or Bhringaraja (its Sanskrit name) with honey may help prevent the onset of senility and its oil is one of the best medicated massage oils for use in rejuvenating therapies.

There are 3 kinds of Eclipta Alba, a white flowering and yellow flowering and a black fruiting. All 3 grow throughout India and can be found around marshes, rivers and lakes and at the foothills of the Himalayas.

Contemporary clinical tests have shown this herb contains the alkaloid Ecliptine, Lactones or Sulphur containing peptides and the also the anti-viral agent, Glucoside. This may explain why Ayurveda has effectively used medicines extracted from this plant in the treatment of jaundice. The traditional belief in India is that extracts from the leaf can cure jaundice in a week. Indian liver tonics also contain the powder made from its roots and are widely used in the treatment of an enlarged liver and spleen.

When externally used, Eclipta Alba provides valuable medicated massage oil and is also used throughout India as a major ingredient in hair oil. Its Sanskrit synonym, Keshraja means ‘King of Hair’. And Indian women who pride themselves on the length, thickness and lustre of their hair have traditionally massaged oil containing Eclipta Alba into their scalp and hair to provide lustre.

A combination of the root powder and oil are rubbed onto the forehead for headaches and the plant pain killing property is also recognised in the leaf poultice used for scorpion stings.

**Please be aware this is for information only. It is not intended as a prescription to be taken internally. And should be discussed fully with your Health Care Provider.**