Going out on Saturday night or not, this is a divine way to pamper hair and perfect for an afternoon indulgence so tresses are beautifully silken and glossy. Apply the Neelini Oil to the scalp, massage in and gently comb through to the ends of the hair. You can warm the oil first by placing the bottle in a bowl of water. To infuse it further, wrap the head in a heated, dampened towel (you can pop in the microwave) and leave for half an hour.

Now this is one of the fun parts, mix to a paste a little Neelini Hair Mask with plain yogurt and apply over the entire scalp to amplify benefits and allow the herbal properties to be absorbed. Pop on a shower cap and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse mask off, and shampoo with the Amla Shampoo, spray Hair Tonic on scalp and, if you’re hitting the town, style as usual. The Ayurvedic herbs in Neelini work like magic to nourish, while also helping to prevent dandruff and encourage hair growth. It is infused with Bhringaraj to guard against hair loss, Neem and other herbs such as Hibiscus, Belleric Myrobalam to rejuvenate and Indian Lotus.