Fenugreek contains active components of alkaloids, lys and L – tryptophan, in addition to steroidal saponins (tigogenin, diosgenin, neotigogenin and yamogenin). It is traditionally soaked overnight in water and, first thing in the morning, the water is drained and drunk.

It is said that Fenugreek contains anti-Inflammatory properties and can also help with weight loss. It is helpful in aiding in digestion by providing a protective layer for the stomach and the bowels and lowering gastric problems and also relieving constipation. In addition, it can help reduce cholesterol levels by lowering LDL cholesterol within the blood and also raising HDL within the body to help reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

With many other strings to its bow and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is helpful in the treatment of many skin conditions. Traditionally it has been used to heal eczema and burns. And, the ground seeds of Fenugreek mixed with water can be applied onto acne and blemish marks to help clear the skin. When mixed with milk the ground seeds can help soften the skin and improve its health.

Fenugreek seeds being a great source of protein, help improve thinning hair while nourishing. They are also helpful in reducing dandruff and when the leaves are used to make a paste it can function like a conditioner. Fenugreek is a key ingredient in the OmVeda Hair Oil