Dry Hair:

Needs plenty of nourishment. The roots require extra oil and feeding. Hot oil treatments, hair tonic and a nutritive hair shampoo will go a long way to balancing the scalp. The main idea is to loosen and relax the scalp so that blood circulation in the head is accelerated and the sebaceous glands are stimulated. The tips of the fingers should be firmly placed on the scalp, working in small circular strokes, clockwise and then anticlockwise, moving the scalp as you do so. A listless massage is useless.

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Oily Hair:
Too much brushing should be avoided, because it will over stimulate an already over active scalp. A good tonic will help to regulate the oiliness. Excessive oiliness, when neglected often leads to falling hair and premature baldness, especially in men after 35 years. Lost hair cannot be replaced, however, if the problem is checked in time, it can help to alleviate the problem.

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