A very unique plant is Boswellia Serrata which is sometimes called Indian Frankincense. In Ayurvedic medicine it has been used to relieve inflammation and improve joint function, making it extremely helpful in the treatment and management of arthritis and osteo-arthritis. It is also now attracting a lot of attention for its great anti-ageing properties, specifically its anti-wrinkling effect.

In addition to the fabulous Boswellia Serrata, our Arthroil contains Tinospora Cordifolia (GUDUCHI) and Castor Oil both of which are traditionally used to alleviate arthritic symptoms and the herb Rasna also beneficial in treating chronic joint inflammation. So you can see that the Arthroil is a powerful and potent herbal formula helpful in relieving pain associated with sports related concerns such as sprains, stiffness, muscle tension and aching joints. You can also find Ginger, Bala and Indian camphorweed which alone offers power plus in the relief of arthritis and rheumatism. Muscular spasms, frozen shoulder and back pain will also benefit from a massage using the Arthroil. Relaxing tight muscles, it improves blood circulation to joints, just a small amount massaged in takes the strain out of deep tissue work before and after the gym or exercise session.